Super September Purchasing Festival Alibaba 2022

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Reignite your business with the September Purchasing Festival. 2022 ​is a year of coexistence of challenges and opportunities. Alibaba International Station will accelerate the return of the global buyer and seller business to the right track through better supply and service, more efficient digital people and goods yard, and more reliable and convenient performance guarantee, and fully reignite the cross-border business.


"Faced with setbacks and challenges in the first half of the year, China's supply chain is still resilient, and digital platforms may find more new opportunities for growth." said Dai Xianwen, director of industry operations at Ali International Station, adding new opportunities to prepare for the upcoming September procurement festival. kinetic energy.


It is reported that on the basis of the "Digital Export Plan" released in July this year, Ali International Station has specially launched digital solutions for merchants in Foshan's foreign trade industry to ensure healthy and compliant exports of digital contracts.


"We will provide localized partner services to help customers go through the whole process of 9810 overseas warehouse export." Wei Ran, head of contract fulfillment logistics and customs affairs at Ali International Station, said that Ningbo foreign trade merchants rely on high-quality port resources to facilitate cross-border foreign trade. The export has already been "one step faster", and Ali International Station hopes to continuously promote the digitization of the whole process of foreign trade through localized digital foreign trade service capabilities, and to open the "digital export to the sea" to the door of merchants.


In Foshan's economic territory, the port is the "hard core", and the industry and trade are the "wings". This year, Foshan's foreign trade broke through the trillion yuan mark for the first time within the year, becoming the sixth "city of foreign trade trillions" in China, an increase of 56.9% compared with five years ago. In the first five months of this year, the export value of Shenzhen port was 746.97 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36.8%. On the Ali International Station, the transactions of Foshan merchants in the first five months also increased by 36% year-on-year.

The textile industry is a representative labor-intensive industry, but now it is also very hard hit. However, the textile digital printing technology, equipment and application developed by our PO-TRY data printer have reached the international leading level.


We rely on the leading advantage of one step ahead, so that enterprises have a living space. If we continue to make homogeneous products, we will have neither channel advantage nor cost advantage compared with peer companies. Our core advantage is outstanding innovation and research and development capabilities. Only by creating differentiated products with core competitiveness can the company gain a firm foothold in the market and make the company live longer.


For cross-border B2B sellers, the annual September Purchasing Festival on Alibaba International Station is comparable to the "Double 11" of domestic e-commerce. Many overseas buyers are waiting for this annual purchase in the second half of the year. The foreign trade double 11. We are currently fully preparing for the September Sourcing Festival on Alibaba International Station. With the deep soil of the offline market, the rise of the online track, and the high attention of the company's management, PO-TRY digital printers hope to double their results in the September procurement festival!

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