Winning Alibaba Purchase Festival and Boosting New Sales in September

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Update time : 2022-08-30 10:22:41

The September Purchasing Festival is one of the most important purchasing festivals on Alibaba International Station. It is a transaction and service event for small and medium-sized enterprises around the world.

The purchasing festival in September is of great significance for both buyers and sellers. This is especially true for the operations and design, business teams, and even the entire company as sellers who perform work during the purchasing section. To win the procurement festival in an all-round way, it is very important to firstly adjust the mentality, and secondly, to clearly define the work content of each stage, and deploy it in advance, and cooperate with each other in operation, design and business to do a good job in the visual promotion of the store, strategically and rhythmically. Take every step.

On August 21, PO-TRY participated in the first internal military and political meeting of the Ace Corps of the September Purchasing Festival Competition initiated by Alibaba. In the picture, Mr. Weng, the boss of PO-TRY, cheered on the employees at the start-up meeting of the procurement festival. 

Mr. Weng said, "This procurement festival requires the collective cooperation of the team, taking every step seriously and being down-to-earth. The purpose is not to take the first place, but to make the performance and work of each team grow rapidly through this process; The Legion is progressing together!"

At the same time, he also proposed: "As an enterprise participating in the Alibaba Procurement Festival, there are three key points in this procurement festival. The first is to hope that the performance will improve. In the case of a bad environment, the performance is not satisfactory, and I hope to improve through the procurement festival. The second is to use this opportunity to make the company’s sales team grow rapidly; the third is to share the templates created by the business team, so that everyone can know the effect and impact of the team’s ability.” He also pointed out that PO-TRY digital printers The competitive advantage in the textile printing industry is that it integrates independent research and development, production and sales, and has more than 40 patents.

2022 is a year of coexistence of challenges and opportunities. Alibaba International Station will accelerate the return of global buyers and sellers to the right track through better supply and service, more efficient digital people and goods yard, and more reliable and convenient performance guarantees, and fully reignite the cross-border business. A new era of border trade.

In this procurement festival mobilization meeting, not only the encouragement by the leaders. There are also sales targets claimed by each salesman himself. Corresponding reward and punishment measures will also be given according to the completion situation.


Of course, in addition, we will provide very favorable price policies and preferential discounts to customers. Our printers are your money printers. Hope we can win together in this purchasing festival.Reignite your business with the September Purchasing Festival.

Affected by the global epidemic, the digital wave has ended, and the next century of global trade will start anew. When the future has come, when uncertainty is full of certainty. How to seize business opportunities and embrace the future together? This September, I invite you to witness together. Reignite your business in the new era of digital trade!

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