What Is Flash Jetting In Digital Printer?

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Author : Edward
Update time : 2022-06-13 14:45:16

  After the digital printer stops printing, if the ink system and the print head are not cleaned temporarily, the print head can be set to be in the flash jetting state through the printing software, that is, the machine will automatically flash every few minutes. The purpose is to prevent the ink from solidifying in the ink circuit system and cause the nozzle to block.
  Keep the printhead in a smooth state all the time by flash jetting. If the flash jet is set, but the digital direct jet printer does not perform flash jet, then check to see if air has entered the nozzle, or if there is no ink in the ink sac. It is even possible that the data cable is not properly connected to the control board.
  If the above situation occurs, you can use the exhaust pipe to exhaust the air in the nozzle, check whether there is any problem with the ink cartridge and the liquid sensor, and then reconnect the data cable.
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