The rise of the fast fashion textile industry

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Update time : 2022-11-23 14:56:30

The rise of the rapid and fashionable textile industry has gradually changed the supply of fabrics supplied from previous bulk futures to a small amount of spot supply. Due to the continuous growth of personal market demand, flexible production has become the focus of the printing industry, and cost control is also an important consideration.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing is not limited by the number of patterns and orders, and it is more suitable for the rapid and fashion trends of small and medium -sized and various varieties in the textiles and clothing industries, and is widely used globally. At the same time, from basic idea to production equipment, from application technology to dye development, and even equipment, color control methods and software global digital printing technologies are all comprehensive research and development.

The development of digital printing technology shows the trend of coexistence and prosperity. Considering the speed and overall cost of printing, digital printers are entering the era of single pass.

In the past, an inkjet printing used a scanning method, that is, the ink is printed on the fabric through multiple printed heads. The characteristic of a single pass is that the print head is arranged horizontally, and the vertical layout is determined according to the required ink color number. When printing, the fabric is transported under the print head to achieve high -speed printing.

The biggest advantage of this full -wide nozzle is the overall cost of rapid printing speed and low cost. Many manufacturers around the world have also launched digital printing equipment for single channels to cater to the development trend of high -speed and low -cost.

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