Do you know how to distinguish the quality of sublimation paper ?

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Do you know how to distinguish the quality of sublimation paper ?


Printing flatness includes paper and printing performance. When users choose to transfer paper, they should first sublimate transfers to the supplier. The width is easier to identify the quality.


(1) Paper appearance: First of all, pay attention to the tight paper rolls, rolls and rolls, and the paper is not skewed, the paper is not curled, without wrinkles and stains.


(2) Printing clarity: Print the test pattern with a high -precision mode, and the requirements: ① the lines should be clear and not open; ② there is no obvious hair edge on the line edges;


User friends' notice: Drying speed, printing sharpness and transfer rate are contradictions that are restrained. Don't be too harshly demanding the drying speed. Just make sure that the ink will not stick to the back of the paper when the side prints are closed. Therefore, you have to consider the selection of transfer paper: ① not to wipe the spray head; ② the color is uniform, delicate and non -printed;


(3) Print flatness, uniformity and drying speed: 720 × 720dpi, 260%ink volume print a black 1 meter long color block. Requirements: ① Print the wrinkle high height (do not wipe to the nozzle and leave to a safe distance); ② no white dots or no white spots on the color block; ③ black spots that have no ink penetrated on the back of the color block (no transparent printing) ; ④ Touch the newly printed color block with your fingers as the standard, and its drying time is not more than 9 minutes (this is the standard of ordinary fast dry paper, and it is not more than 90 seconds for fast dry paper.).

When printing a large area of color blocks, pay attention to your printing environment humidity. Generally, the printing room must have temperature and humidity control, and control the humidity to 40-70%. The humidity should peel off the plastic bag for 1 day before printing the test test, let the heat transfer paper match the environmental humidity, and then print it on the machine. Otherwise, the paper roll will quickly absorb the environmental humidity deformation, and the water -based ink is printed with moist, and the fiber in the paper will quickly expand and severely arched and wipe it into the sprinkler.


Another situation is that the heat transfer paper that is particularly dry (such as humidity is less than 30%) Suddenly absorbing a large amount of ink can also cause severe arches.


The more the quality of the hot -ray transfer paper, the smaller the height of the arch. This is because the small thermal transit paper of the arch is used to use the slow -growing price of wood pulp, so it is small. Small (low production efficiency), these two factors make the price of hot transit paper from arched will be higher. So when you do not print heavy ink color blocks, you can also buy transposed paper with a low price when you printed the fancy pattern or the light -colored pattern with a small amount of inkjet.

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